(Council 4973)
St. Patricks Columbian Squires Circle 2041 Open Invitation Letter      

The Columbian Squires represent The Youth Arm Of The Knights Of Columbus.  Open to Catholic Youth Between The Ages Of   10-18 the Squires Program was designed to teach young men how to pattern their lives around the Youth Christ. 

St. Patricks Columbian Squires Circle 2041 meets every week during the school year on Thursday Nights from 7-9pm for our weekly Activity Night At  St. Monica Catholic Elementary School located at 60 Sterrit Drive, Starting Thursday September 21. 

Activites Include:  Opening Prayer, Reading The Gospel using The Youth Catechism.  Discussion Of  The Gospel,  Short Circle Business Meeting,  Physical Fitness and sporting activities including:  Dodgeball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Soccer and more.  Columbian Squires are encouraged to become leaders by actively being involved within their community and church by running and organizing various activities which promote fraternity, charity and the love of Christ.  Our weekly meetings always end in Prayer for the sick, needy and most vulnerable of our Society.  Columbian Squires also earn community service hours.

For more information please contact Brother Knight Domenic Rutigliano at 905 459 0488 or email at dmrdistributing@aol.com.



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